Safe Community Backi Petrovac

Safe Community

To reduce the frequency of injuries and accidents through collaboration of different community groups, local corporations, business, organizations, associations, schools, health care providers, government agencies and people of the Municipality.
Backi Petrovac Municipality is located 25 km northwest of Novi Sad, capital of Vojvodina region, and 100 km northwest of Belgrade, capital of Serbia.
Backi Petrovac Municipality is the smallest one in Vojvodina. It has only 14.500 inhabitants, located in four villages: Backi Petrovac, Kulpin, Backi Maglic and Glozan.
Inhabitants of Backi Petrovac Municipality are Slovak, Serbian, and Rom minority, as well as Croatian and Greeks. The languages are Slovak and Serbian. Approximately 30% of inhabitants are farmers, while 30% are employed by local factories.



Safe Community Backi Petrovac

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